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People always tell me the anime does not follow the manga that well. Is this true???
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@RoseParks yeah, I said that as more of a praise for Death Note. lol what saddens me is that Hunter x Hunter just stopped where it did. I know the writer is having health issues and the like but I want more
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@BrianBrady Yup Death Note is one of a kind. Also, sadly HxH is not the only one with the writers having trouble. I was so sad when the writer of Shon Chan died
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the manga in this case is totally different. Because it's not really even all that long yet. the anime decided to end and kill off some of the biggest characters who are still alive and well in the manga, doing their thing. in this case I personally prefer the manga way more.
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The Manga is so much better in my opinion and is definitely worth reading
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manga is so much different. the way the anime did things was full of feels but compared to the manga didn't do anything to great.
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