We made it through round 1 everyone!
I'm sorry I harassed everyone to vote, just feel like these girls needed to love and support that the boys bracket was getting.
You guys pulled through and we got 18 votes so thank you so much everyone!!!!
Don't forget to also give the boys love:
Alright, so I tallied everyone's votes today! We had only one tie, but some pretty close rounds. Personally, I was sad for a few, but many of my favorites made it through! (I am the rhyme master you guys).

You ready for Round 2???

Markson is giving us the go ahead, and is super excited about this week's match ups!
But hold on Markson and Vinglers, we gotta do a quick rundown of the rules.
So this card will be active for voting until Monday, and then on Monday I will have all the tallies, and then we will be moving on to the Female Quarter Finals.
You vote by going down the numbered list and choosing a winner from each pairing listed. Then you comment 1-8 in the comments picking your winner!
This one is going quite quickly because there are not as many contestants, so the ladies will be finished first.
Got the rules?
Alright, here is the link to the first round card where I included links to the rapper's stuff, but many of ya'll judge based on other raps and know more, so don't just think that is all you can rely on. You do you boo boo.
Alright let's get voting underway.
1. Yuna Kim (The Ark) VS D.ana (Sonamoo)
2. Kemy (A.Kor) VS Jia (MissA)
3. CL (2NE1) VS Jiyoon (4Minute)
4. Jimin (AOA) VS Miryo (Brown Eyed Girls)
5. LE (EXID) VS Junhyun (Spica)
6. Eunjung (T-ara) VS Hyuna (4Minute)
7. Yura (Girl's Day) VS Moonbyul (Mamamoo)
8. Amber (F(x)) VS Bora (Sistar)
****also many of you were confused about Eunjung, but on her profiles she is listed as the lead rapper so idk you guys. I am with you, it is a little weird....******
Okay, there we have it!
Goodbye to all you lovely female rappers that didn't make it to round 2, and congrats to all of the ladies that are in this round! Hope you hold strong!
I am still going to tag everyone I tagged before, because I know many of you just forgot to vote last time (cough cough Aimee) and so I am just going to alert everyone so sorry if you didn't vote for the first round, but hey, you should vote for the second time around.
1. yuna kim 2. jia 3. cl 4. jimin 5. le 6. hyuna 7. moonbyul 8. amber
1. D.Ana 2. Kemy 3. CL 4. Jimin 5. Le 6. Hyuna 7. Yura 8. Amber
1. Yuna Kim 2. Kemy 3. CL 4. Jimin 5. LE 6. Eunjung 7. Moonbyul 8. Amber
Yuna Kim Kemy Jiyoon Miryo LE Eunjung Moonbyul Amber
1. Yuna Kim 2. Jia 3. CL 4. Jimin 5. LE 6. Eunjung 7. Yura 8. Amber
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