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So I showed my mom and dad B.A.P. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
First off I showed my mom their Where are you? What are you doing? MV and she liked it but she asked me a couple of questions. She asked why they were wearing makeup and if they were gay. I just laughed and said no and because they wanted to wear makeup.
I also showed my mom (and dad when he got home) Hurricane. My dad asked me that same thing my mom and he also asked me if it was in Vegas and I said yeah. Both of them said that it was good.
I also showed my sister and my mom No Mercy (Japanese Version). My sister said that it sounded like an English song that we know (can't remember the name.) I was like how does this sound like that song. She saw Where are you? What are you doing? and agreed with my mom that they looked gay.
I wanted to show my brother but he said no. I asked him why and he said it was stupid. I told him then why did he listen to Psy's Gangam Style if he thought Kpop was stupid and he said it was a one time thing. Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!
But whatever at listen my mom and dad accepted it and didn't thing I was crazy. Well that's it and thanks to all the people who recommended which music videos to show my parents. @SarahWise @YeseniaLira thanks for recommending songs
I really agree.!! They all looked so good in that mv.! @StephyBAP
I found that adorable @YeseniaLira
Freaking Jongup! He ruined my bias list when he did that.@YeseniaLira
Really thanks because I would have probably shown them one shot @YeseniaLira
never give up would have been good to sow too since it's positive
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