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7 Things Most Vinglers Can All Relate To

I am a big fan of memes that are hilarious because they're true, and I stumbled upon a LOT of them today. I decided to just make a card showing you my favorite ones in hopes some of you will totally know these feels too.
Shout-outs to those of you who relate to that Target one pretty hard. That place really knows how to clear out my bank account.
This one reminds me of @aabxo.
Please tell me this isn't just me.
I'm sorry, Uniqlo. I just keep going back and forth between need and want.
Extra points if I can get my dog in the shot somehow.
"Well, YOU'VE certainly done a lot since my trip to Bermuda."
Me. Every morning.
@danidee I understand. For me, with Fibro, I keep one of those slouchy-front wrap jackets around at all times. Any air movement against my skin can suddenly become hell. >.< As for Target, man... I buy toooo many scarves there! And toys! They have toys that you can't get anywhere else and the kid knows it. Lol
@ButterflyBlu I pretty much live and die by their black tights. They keep my kneecaps in place. #RAproblems lol
@danidee I KNOW. It's so easy to spend money there. You don't even realize how much you're spending either. >.< But man, I love it! Lol
@ButterflyBlu Target used to drain through at least 50% of my paycheck easily once upon a time. THAT PLACE IS THE DEVIL.
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