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Okay the day is finally here you guys!!! Here is your reward for waiting so patiently. A sneak peek at Part 3 of our crazy little tale.
Ignoring G-Dragon's onslaught of questions he looked at me waiting for my answer... *I don't even know this guy..but what do I have to lose. I'm all alone now...* "Yes take me away," I said. Looking at GD I added, "I'm obviously not wanted here." GD looked at me then at his feet. TOP gave a sly smile and started walking off, "Follow me then."
As we walked by GD, he finally looked up and made direct eye contact with me then at TOP. His face showed extreme anger and sadness. When I looked at TOP he had the same look... What was going on between these two??
GD fell to his knees when he saw the car drive off. *She's gone...she actually left with that jerk...TOP what are you planning?!!?* "Aiish I can't deal with this by myself." Daesung snorted, "I can guess who you're calling now." GDragon looked at him and smiled. And with that he took out his phone and made a call.
An old friend joins the story now... What is the secret of GD's and TOP past?? And what could fate have in store for me lol? I wonder...

Tune in for the full version of Big Bang Screenshot Story: Part 3 on Friday. U won't want to miss it!!

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lol thanks. I'll be sure to tag u in the full version on Friday
I knew I should have just waited for the full version. I really like this story so far.
@drummergirl691 Lol thanks @adikiller Yeah I know but I gotta keep it interesting for you guys lol. @DenieceSuit Thank you. A girl can try can she? Lol
tag me in the next one please
you are doing hella good!馃槉
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