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As you guys know I am miles to see the love(s) of my life and have been waiting for this moment forever! Well the time has come and tomorrow morning 5am I will be a million steps closer as I fly to Maryland to see my loves and in tminus 4 days I will be driving to New Jersey and seeing Jiyongi, GD , Mr.Korea , Swaggy G ,My soulmate ,My sunshine and My World Kwon Jiyong !This is soo surreal amd I am soo excited.I never thought I would ever see bigbang let alone be in the same building! What shall I wear for said flight you ask......
(my camera sucks so sorry for quality will be bringing a different phone so I can take the most amazing pictures necessary)Airport fashion is important haha gotta be comfortable yet fashion forward and Swaggy for the king of swag himself♡♥ even got my nails done which I never do since I work too much (excuse my ugly fingers) true dedication for the My Loves♡
lets make sure we turn up especially when bang bang bang comes on... i expect flash mob at the concert....my insides are dying just thinking of Sunday in Jersey going to see my babies TOP and Seungri and Taeyang!!
@britneyamanda Im from the east coast and have been to NY and NJ a million times I just sadly had to move to Louisiana but thanks im excited!
welcome to the east coast.I live in new jersey
@NiahriTaylor yes!!! and I know basically the whole damce for bang bang bang so im ready and I know im soo nervous uet excited idk what to feel!! we all seriously need to meet up!
Thank You♡♥
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