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I'm new

So i just found out about this app, and it looks so cool! I love it already I really wanna make some new friends and fangirl over kpop
Hopefully you guys and gals will welcome me into your crazy and amazing community!!!
Welcome to Vingle! Trust me this app is so awesome! I started last week and I've had so much fun! If you'd like I can be your friend!
Welcome!!!!! cx I'm still pretty new I think I've been on here a month but everyone's great & you feel like you have friends everywhere tbh
@wllmvns hi Kiara!! My name is Erika and thank you for the welcome 😁 i would love to be friends as well. And of course we're all crazy about kpop lol
@Myaisnotsexy @minghaoisbae @RavenQueen0810 The lifeless team... haha
@minghaoisbae Great! We can be lifeless together^•^
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