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When I was in the sport of powerlifting, there were a lot of big achievements. I think I was most proud of myself for even stepping outside of my comfort zone to try a sport I could never imagine myself doing. I was never an athlete, I was more of a creative.
My biggest personal achievement was able to pull nearly 300 pounds for a deadlift, after only training for a few months.

What was your badass moment?

My moment was running the mile in 6~7 minutes cx
losing 100lbs all on my own.
Most badass moment? Realizing I traveled to an island of Canada just to hike lol, next stop is South America
I used to hate running because I have flat feet and it always hurt if I ran long distance. But I really want to finish a full marathon! I started with a 10k and did a half-marathon last year.Hopefully, I can take part in a marathon sometime early next year!
TessStevens - You would be surprised what one can do with sheer stubborn-will and good instructors/crew members to train you. My body fought me on it, but did it nonetheless (ha). I can't really take credit for any of it...
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