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So, I'm not sure how many of you guys have heard of this guy... But I know for sure that I really, really love him!!!! His voice is unique and amazing, he is cute in his own way, and the music he makes is.... Well, no words I can think of would accurately describe the music he makes. Here is the first song that I fell in love with instantly. I love it because not only does the sweater make him look really adorable, but the way that he wrote the song to JUST have his voice and guitar is so appealing!
I specifically like this song because of the guitar. Now if only I had the time and patience to learn how to play guitar.... Oh! And if anyone out there can play guitar, would you mind telling me how or where I should look to learn to finger pick on a guitar?
This song, well I don't know. I just like the beat of this song. Also, the pastel colors (that's what they're called right?) just add this light, happy vibe to it that makes me smile every time I see this.
And this song is to die for. (En mi opinion.) I also like how the music video is in black and white. I feel like it adds this more serious and mature feeling to it. Also, be sure to know that it's all thanks to 1theK for finding, and posting these videos of Eddy Kim onto YouTube. I hope you find joy in listening to Eddy's music like I do. If not, oh well. We all have different taste in music right? Let me know what you think of him. Enjoy!!! ^-^