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When the light cuts through your window in the morning, thoughts flood into your weary mind. The clock, ticking on the wall. Your alarm going off on your phone. Everything seems mundane. Ordinary. It feels contrived and sad. You feel boxed in.
There is an overpriced coffee cup on the suitcase you live out of, and a bottle of Gin on the floor. Things feel impermanent. Useless. There is no structure or comfort. Everything is up in the air, floating like an imperfect galaxy ready to implode from pressure of the elements.

If any of this hits you, you may be losing your passion for life.

It sounds severe, but really, It's not. We all go through phases where things seem a lot more new and exciting than they once did. These moments where we tend to hang out in valleys rather on top of mountains, aren't the end of the line. We don't have to sit in the doubt. There are ways to re-kindle that passion you held for life. And it's easier than you think.
In order to return to a state of happiness and calm, you should examine what really makes you happy, on a base level. Not the superficial things you surround yourself with like coffee and your Ikea nesting instinct.

No...fuck all that.

Think about what really gets you going. What makes you want to take off and abandon all you know. Think of the thing that makes you want to throw all of your worldly belongings out the nearest window and run free.

These are the things that matter.

What really helps me get to this spot is remembering childhood. Like, what I used to do when I didn't know what "work" was. When I didn't have responsibilities, my goals and dreams seemed a lot clearer.

Picture yourself back in your hometown. You're in your yard, everything is calm. There is a breeze, life hasn't hit you yet and that blissful unconscious feeling of forever is still in your heart.

This is the place where life's passion originates. It's an untainted, beautiful place where life's injustices aren't even an afterthought. Things are easy in this place. You've got friends. There are no wars. No political agendas. You don't have to budget your money. You don't have to think about the future. You are in a constant state of infinity.

The infinity of childhood drew me to a lot of things I would later make a career out of. One was writing, the next music, and later art. I love these things. These things make me who I am. These things make me excited to get up and work, to live. These things make me attempt to create a sense of belonging in life. These things give me passion.
Once you open your mind to the freedom and danger of what you once knew as life, you will begin to see the light again. If you take a few minutes out of your day, and step out of your school or coporate'll realize that the things that actually matter don't come in boxes or promotional packages. They aren't said in meetings or on conference calls.

What really matters is inside, and the only way to keep your passion for life is to have faith in that fact.

Trust what makes you tick, and when all else fails. Follow it. That is true freedom. That is why life is worth living.

very inspiring
Thank you @WiviDemol :) Glad to do so!