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Hello everyone! So I was notified that vingle has a kpop Instagram and I could have won a VIXX CD... ok now let me tell you I was really upset when I found out but congratulations to the winner!! ♥(´∀`)♡ (Enjoy the CD!!) Here are some reasons to get an instagram if you're having trouble debating!
Me!! lol jkjk but I'm on there if you want to follow me I promise I'm more active on this one ♥ so if you're following my old one go ahead and unfollow that one :)
3 out 5 members of SHINee have an instagram! Onew Jonghyun Key!!
N and Ravi enough said....
You get to follow CL♥ (Queen) Hyuna Tao T. O. P G-Dragon Seugri Daesung Taeyang Girls Generation (I know I follow them but I don't remember if they all have one) Amber Henry (Henber) (I ship them honestly) etc. P. S. All of my favorite rappers on that list ♥
So you can follow a good majority of K-pop stars, edits, and more fans :) So let's spread the K-pop virus and support our stars and each other! ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
also Heechul!!
how do u find them,,, am new to insta
@vicky1990 You type their names into the search bar and you should find them :) be careful because there are fan accounts, but you can usually usually tell because the number of followers they have will be bigger
@Miss148 thank you :) so mucho cuz am looking for kyuhyun account jejej
@vicky1990 No problem :)