Round 1 is in the books!
We had a fantastic turnout you guys, with 28 votes!I am so proud of all of you passionate Vinglers.
The female bracket is up now too, show them some love:
Alright, so all of ya'll votes were tallied today and it was pretty intense! Some were super duper landslides, causing their opponent to get 0-1 votes. Other were one vote away! It really is ridiculous how well matched many of those pairings were.
Like what the heck Zico and Suga in the first round..!? Also I am mourning both Teen Top boys. So much crying.

You ready for Round 2?

Taeyeon can't control her excitement that the second round is about to begin!
But we gotta talk about those pesky rules real quick.
So this card will be active for voting until Monday, and then on Monday I will have all the tallies, and then we will be moving on to the 3rd round!
You vote by going down the numbered list and choosing a winner from each pairing listed. Then you comment 1-12 in the comments, picking your winner!
The ladies will end earlier, so this one will will take about a week longer.
Got the rules?
Alright, here is the link to the first round card where I included links to the rapper's stuff, but many of ya'll judge based on other raps and know more, so don't just think that is all you can rely on. You do you boo boo.
Alright let's get voting underway
1. Rap Monster (BTS) VS Junhyung (B2ST)
2. Mir (MBLAQ) VS Suga (BTS)
3. Yongguk (BAP) VS G-Dragon (BIGBANG)
4. Hoya (Infinite) VS Minho (SHINee)
5. Ilhoon (BtoB) VS TOP (BIGBANG)
6. Dongwoo (Infinite) VS Chanyeol (EXO)
7. J-Hope (BTS) VS Mino (Winner)
8. Jackson (Got7) VS PO (Block B)
9. Heechul (Super Junior) VS Sehun (EXO)
10. IM (Monsta X) VS Bobby (iKon)
11. Zelo (BAP) VS Mark(Got7)
12. Seungyeon (UNIQ) VS Ravi (VIXX)
There we have it! Goodbye to all you brilliant rappers that got booted, we love you!And congrats to all the idols who made it this far, and good luck with the voting. @Emealia @AimeeH @KpopGaby @MichelleIbarra @B1A4BTS5ever @YeseniaLira @caitlind9898 @jiggyzy19 @nykechun @tayunnie @warjeensuleiman @StephanieDuong @blazinpurplehl @kpopandkimchi @tangjenn903 @JaxomB @Rhia @szewwy @netchtiBates @Sidneylovekpop @fionafifimonkey @CourtneyNance16 @Dahliadang @mpalmer @ZexoV @panouvang123 @JustinaNguyen @AkiraCondry @swimrocks05 @DenieceSuit @neener @MattK95 @punkpandabear @BrightestDay247 @XergaB20 @vipgirl5 @AmbieB @SharayahTodd @MeeshellBuchan @nancycappa @MorleeCorielus @heidichiesa @xroyalreisx @VixenViVi @kasiebluemoon @React10K1ng @mandapanda723 @EvelynLoyaRico @jgallegos222 @taented @MabushiSakuraAi @VaneRodriguez @Baekyeol27 @shantalcamara @CassidyCathell @jessicalnichols @frisky199123 @RithikaRavi @B2STANG88 @divaangel23 @Saketai @crazyalyk @simplethings @youngerb2 @TMinusEleven @@TrishaLee727 @myylifeisnow @elleonsy @AngieBrus @xoxjuliettexox @xroyalreisx @aabxo @DulceOjeda @Rebecca22 @AngelaPearson @michellefuentes @SusiBosshammer @wllmvns @mkbmccann @adikiller @GummyBearRawr @JessAS @CloverShadows @sugajin94 @SarahHawkins @TingTingShi @Kirozi @NerukaWong @2neAlanna @celesteyc @AmariAlexander @InnocentiaKishi @JohnEvans @StephaniePoore @KayKaHunter1 @NordiaBarragan @JessicaChaney @SusiBossHammer @Nadinerzz @lunastormnoona Sorry if I missed you. Just tagging anyone I tagged in the first one, plus a few that I thought were new.
How you gonna make me choose between namjoon and Junhyung I mean I'm choising Junhyung but come on this is completely cruel
1. rap monster 2. suga 3. yongguk 4. minho 5. illhoon 6. dongwoo 7. j-hope 8. po 9. heechul 10. im 11. mark 12. ravi
1. Rap Monster 2. Suga 3. G-Dragon 4. Hoya 5. Ilhoon 6. Dongwoo 7. J-Hope 8. Jackson 9. Sehun 10. Bobby 11. Zelo 12. Ravi
Rapmonster Suga Yongguk (how can you make me choose :( between my two ultimate bias.! :''(() I still adore GD. Minho T.O.P Dongwoo J-Hope PO Heechul Bobby Zelo Ravi
1. Rap Monster 2. Suga 3. ... i... GD 4. MINHO ( He is the best ever juat sayin) 5. TOP 6. Dongwoo 7. J-Hope 8. Jackson 9. Heechul!! <3 10. IM 11. Zelo 12. Seungyeon Good Luck my loves!!
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