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who will win? Naruto vs. Vegito
@dayjonhines they're talking about the fusion between goku and vegeta which is an unfair match if you ask me.
goku can destroy planets in base form easily, by ssj2 he is a solar system buster, when 2 people fuse their powers are combined. vegeta destroyed a planet no problem with a power level of only 18000 in the Saiyan saga. ssj1 is a 50x power multiplier. therefore when goku and vegeta fuse into vegito their power at super vegito level was nothing short of galaxy buster ability. the most destructive power naruto has shown was when he cut the moon in half, and piccolo from dbz done that with a power level with less than a thousand. and vegitos power level is in the billions, vegito is way too op for naruto.
Personally, even though I love Naruto, I have to go with Vegito. Vegito is a combination of the two strongest saiyans in canonical existence. There power is staggering individually and then even better together. I think naruto has a lot to say for himself but he doens't have instant transmission or the speed of vegito.
vegito is the fusion between goku and vegetables right soooo vegito for the win
vegito would win without even having to turn super sayin have none of u even seen dbz.. goku alone can destroy planets I love naruto but there is not a chance in hell he would win even young trunks could take naruto with no sweet. .VEGITO took a super nova with his bare hands and played dodge ball with it COME ON!!
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