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Yes, I made that cover photo for you @mchlyang! As @mchlyang is fond of saying, "Circumstances don't dictate champions." It's his mantra in fitness, sports, and I'm guessing, even life.
Having a mantra, or something you repeat to yourself when times get tough, is always helpful. It keeps your spirits high and your eyes on the prize.
For when you need the motivation to take that first step – all great changes begin with a decision.
For when the daily grind feels a little too repetitive – this is how success happens.
For when you feel powerless – you have the power to change your life.
For when you're worried you're not doing enough – you are. Starting small is the beginning of working up to great things.
This one is awesome. For when your workout is killing you – you're stronger than the pain. Push through; you'll be so glad you did.

Best of luck of your fitness journey, everyone!!

I dedicate this to my girl @alywoah and my bro @XavierLopez, and all the other Vinglers tryna get fit out there :)
if this is the type of motivation I need to keep on going. thank you so much for this. my muscles hurt from yesterday, but now I feel like I can do more today.
I immediately thought of @mchlyang when I saw that cover photo lol
thank you so much @LisaMarissa :D
love em all.
@AlloBaber Gonna use that for my computer background!
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