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Konbonwa! I did a yaoi one but now let's see how many of us actually have a yuri obsession as well?
yuri oh yuri how I love you so. from your innocent love stealing kisses
all the way down to your fierce and rough passion ....
I actually appreciate yuri alot (even though it hard to find a good one...maybe I'm just not looking hard enough) .it helped me through a lot and I just couldn't help falling in love with the girls watching them fall in love.
it will always have that warm sweet spot in my heart
Sometimes I just can't control myself >~<
some people may not like it or just think I'm crazy but hey -shrugs- oh well
@VinMcCarthy I honestly love both
I think yuri is a lot more tneder than yaoi, for the most part. it's generally cuter too. I think yaoi is cool sometimes but I feel like yuri is better represented
What is the top one from?
Huge yuri fan love it more then yaoi by far!!!