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As I watched Shippuden, I felt like Narusaku had a lot of build up. Didn't it seem like Narusaku was beginning to be more of a thing than Naruhina? I mean yeah, Hinata always liked Naruto but from what I remember, he never seemed to have taken an interest in Hinata, it was always Sakura that he liked. On one hand, Sakura did like Sasuke but as I watched the series progress, Sakura seemed to have preferred Naruto over Sasuke. Also, has anyone ever noticed how Naruto is (of course) like his father and how Sakura is very similar bto his mother? I thought that was cute and made me lean more towards Narusaku as well~
Then there's Naruhina! How do you feel about this couple? Do you think Naruhina is a better fit or that Narusaku is better and why?
I definitely ship NaruHina... I couldn't stand the thought of Salutary with Naruto for some reason it really bothered me. lmao maybe because she always treated him bad then when he started to get popular and AWESOME she was all like I'll consider you -.- like no bye 😂 so I've always been a fan or NaruHina
I was always NAruHina. I always thought Sakura was annoying, tbh. In shippuden she got a lot better to me, but still not the person I thought would be a good match for him. They're too alike, almost liek siblings. I think NaruHina are like opposites attracting and it feels more natural. like when he saved Hinata in the Pain arc.
that being said, the author new that which is why there was a small build up during the Pain attack. then the movie came out to kind of polish it off. it was an eye opener for Naruto. im all NaruHina lol
I think Sakura grew up, is all. At first, yeah, she was really annoying but you also have to remember that they were kids at the time so as the series went on, they all grew up and changed little by little. ^^ But hey, Hinata got together with the guy she always loved, same for Sakura! So it's a pretty cute ending all in all~
I have always hated Hinata, like, everything about her just made me uggggh the whole time, but I can approve it. I like how Sakura is now, I would have liked her to be with Naruto, and for Sasuke to be with any hot woman he actually wanted
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