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Narusaku or Naruhina?
As I watched Shippuden, I felt like Narusaku had a lot of build up. Didn't it seem like Narusaku was beginning to be more of a thing than Naruhina? I mean yeah, Hinata always liked Naruto but from what I remember, he never seemed to have taken an interest in Hinata, it was always Sakura that he liked. On one hand, Sakura did like Sasuke but as I watched the series progress, Sakura seemed to have preferred Naruto over Sasuke. Also, has anyone ever noticed how Naruto is (of course) like his father and how Sakura is very similar bto his mother? I thought that was cute and made me lean more towards Narusaku as well~
Then there's Naruhina! How do you feel about this couple? Do you think Naruhina is a better fit or that Narusaku is better and why?
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spoiler is she really sakuras daughter
2 years ago·Reply
What you mean nar saku or naruhina, it's already naruhina. just deal with it
2 years ago·Reply
ok yes naruto and hinata end up together but if you look closely at the new clips about the kids sakura and sasuke never really hook up when they show the kids storys starting sasuke isnt in the picture and sakura is raising his child telling her she is her mom yet she has glasses remember the women with glasses who was in sasukes gang well thats their love baby cant wait for next generation season oh the drama
2 years ago·Reply
i honestly thought sakura and naruto will never work and hinata and naruto remind of those fillers with kushina minato in my opinion so i think it work pretty fine #NaruHina
2 years ago·Reply
Honestly I was either/or because Sakura was with him all the time and Hinata appeared every so often but what sealed it for me was when Hinata went balls to the wall and fought Pein and confessed. The final nail was when Sakura said she loved Naruto basically right after Hinata's big moment and lied about it i couldn't support narusaku after that
5 months ago·Reply