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We made it weird again Marvelers.

In the best way of course! Here's the final result of our Mad Lib this week:
Deadpool and Spider-Man were hanging out at the local bar, reminiscing about the good old days and the villains they helped each other put away. Deadpool was drinking a filthy margarita. Spidey was sipping on a pumpkin spice latte. Deadpool slurped out of his bendy straw when suddenly- Peter's Spidey-senses started dancing.
"I think someone is in danger!" He whispered, grabbing Deadpool's butt.
"The only thing in danger is this taco that I'm about to eat," muttered Deadpool.
Something exploded through the wall! The two heroes blinked. It was a giant sloth.
"Well," Spidey muttered. "That could be worse."
The sloth started exhaling a push-up-bra and cell phone in a fiery blast.
"Yup." Deadpool smirked. "Definitely worse now, thanks Spidey."
Deadpool grabbed his skillet, ready to engage. Spider-Man was unarmed, and quickly looked for something he could use to defend himself. He grabbed the first thing within reach, a frisbee.
"Perfect," he grumbled.
Deadpool was already burping into action. "Hurry up Spidey, before you miss all the fun!"
Spider-Man poked into the fray. "We could have stayed home and watched Ninja Assassin, but no. You had to drag me out for drinks."
"You're the one that downed three vodkas when we got here!"
"I regret knowing you, Deadpool," Spidey groaned, feeling fruity.
They fought the sparkly animal, avoiding the vicious flames coming from its eyeball. They were struggling to defeat it though.
"We need to work as a team!" Spider-Man shouted, narrowly avoiding getting his yaoi hands burned off.
"I have an idea!" Deadpool grinned.
"We're not doing a dance-off," Spider-Man complained. "That didn't work last time!"
Deadpool shimmied to the left, "Just trust me!"
"That is a terrible idea," Spider-Man asked, smacking the animal in the tongue. It fell to the floor with a groan. It didn't move. Deadpool shrugged.
"Can we have a dance-off now?"

The boys in red would be proud of us.

Many thanks to @chris98vamg @YoSoySoysauce @raenel @ButterflyBlu @Luci546 @ChibiFox @loftonc16 and @danidee for participating in the Mad Lib Game! I'm sorry I didn't fit High School Musical in...

... Does this make up for it?

Let me know in the comments if you want to be tagged the next time we do a Mad Lib!
I'm in love!
The next one will have High School musical in it for sure ^_^
@YoSoySoysauce and I are being haters.
@Luci546 lol I just did the framework. All the credit goes to you and everyone else who filled in the blanks!
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