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This Is Some Serious Kpop Effect!!!!!

So I was on YouTube one random night watching my favorite kpop groups when I saw this video in the suggested videos. I, being the weird kpopper I am, decided to click on it and see where it led to thinking, "It couldn't hurt right?" Little did I know that I would be seeing into the heart of Koreans and how Kpop truly effects them. It makes me wonder if Koreans think us Americans have 'big eyes.'
If you were Korean, if you're not already Korean, and living in Korea, do you think you'd follow this image trend? What are your thoughts on this image trend?
I really don't understand the obsession with "perfect" beauty. Take that girl Hwain, her eyes were really pretty before the surgery. She didn't have to change them. When everyone starts getting the same thing done they all emd up lookong alike. There's no diversity, no different types of beauty, nothing that makes you unique. I understand why they do it but I prefer natural faces.
But the girl Hwain was already pretty, and they guy with 17 surgeries was cute before the surgery. T-T this is sad, they're all pretty, they didn't need to do this. But it's ok, I won't judge them.
@KellyOConnor I completely understand and agree with you. Also, since you mentioned it: Hwain, want to have open eyes when all I want is to be able to have Asian eyes. As they say, "the grass is greener on the other side."
I think if it makes them happy let them do it. We have no right to judge because it's their life.
not all kpop stars do plastic surgery (if that is what they are implying)
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Plastic Surgery in South Korea
Que tal peeps! This is your chica Jessamine aka @amobigbang here to talk about a serious topic. We all know that looking your best is something very important everywhere, but I'm going to concentrate on Kpop and South Korea. Disclaimer: KpopINT does not promote plastic surgery nor judges those who are considering plastic surgery. There will be a discussion of a controversial topic in this post. Plastic surgery is very popular in South Korean culture and especially in Kpop. Most Kpop stars may get some type of plastic surgery done for personal reasons or career reasons. Many idols do feel the pressure just like regular citizens to look good and even perfect at times to achieve the notion of what is beautiful. When skincare and makeup is not enough they tend to turn to the knife. Even people in other countries come to South Korea to get plastic surgery since South Korea has so many options and awesome plastic surgery surgeons. "Seoul, South Korea, is the plastic surgery capital of the world, with more procedures per capita than any other nation" (2015, Baer). Source None of these images or videos belong to KpopINT. Writer Jessamine aka @amobigbang KpopINT Chairs: @bbyitskatie @Sailynn @KpopBeat KpopINT Fam: @elaynethtrumpet @JohnEvans @LenaBlackRose @LexiMintkgtopty @ParkHwaYoung @parktaemi @tayunnie COMMENT YOUR THOUGHTS BELOW! Before and After Pictures This is a mixture of some before and after pictures of Kpop stars and regular South Korean citizens who had some type of plastic surgery. When people get plastic surgery you will see the double eyelid or chin/jawline procedure done to give the appearance of wider eyes and that "V" jawline. However, "the most common procedure in Korea is blepharoplasty, or double eyelid surgery. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, it's the most popular plastic surgery operation in the world, with 1.43 million people getting it done in 2014" (2015, Baer). Double Eyelid Surgery Overview This operation is very controversial. Some say Asians get this procedure to look more Western or to wash out their beautiful Asian features. While some say they get this surgery to look more youthful and awake. "Critics say that the operation makes patients look "less Asian," while proponents say that it's simply a matter of beauty - bigger eyes equals more attractiveness, essentially" (2015, Baer). Oh and don't think women only seek out this procedure. Men do as well. "Hang-Seok Choi, the director of JK Plastic Surgery, a Seoul-based clinic that sees 10,000 patients a year,and the 20% of his patients that are male" (2015, Baer). Many people may pick this procedure since it is very cheap compare to other procedures and less invasive. The prices range "between $1,000 and $3,000" (2015, Baer). Double Eyelid Surgery Advertising Look at how this plastic surgery procedure is advertised. They promote this ad by suggesting it will give you innocent and pure look. Buzzfeed: Plastic Surgery in South Korea I wanted to give you a break from reading lol. This video is what inspired me to make this post. These people send their photos to South Korean plastic surgeons to see how these surgeons would alter their faces. Some people were shocked by their results. This video teaches some plastic surgery Korean vocabulary and speaks about the topic. She speaks about plastic surgery in general in Sout Korea. Eyelid Surgery History Now this is where things get deep. I for one did not know this fact until doing some research on the topic. As said earlier some argue that this surgery is to wash out beautiful Asian features and to replace them with Western features. "The double-eyelid surgery was reportedly introduced to South Korea during the Korean War, which lasted from 1950 to 1953" and for this critics suggest that this surgery is a is a symbol of white America's history of cultural dominance over South Korea" (2015, Baer). This was a hard pill for me to swallow. No one wants to think that at all. It all started with this surgeon "American plastic surgery pioneer Dr. Ralph Millard, who was stationed in Seoul from 1950 to 1953 to do reconstructive surgery for the war wounded" (2015, Baer). Source says that he concentrated or basically spoke ill of the Asian monolid feature. Even in his reports he said some really racist comments and you can read them by clicking on the source link provided on the first block of this post. Women who married American soldiers and women who were prostitutes who wanted to appeal to American GI's and fit into American society demanded this surgery (2015, Baer). Controversial Topic As I said this topic has two sides. One feels that South Koreans are getting these surgeries especially the double eyelid surgery to look Western. While others just say people get it to look more beautiful or not as tired. People say Koreans reasons are not racial for getting these procedures. Seoul-based plastic surgeon Minhwa Na - says: "I would get serious complaints if I performed the procedure and the Korean patient gets a crease like the one of a Caucasian person. What people want is a natural crease that is suited to Asian faces," she said. "The whole idea that undergoing this surgery is an attempt to look white is absurd" (2015, Baer). Cultural critic Moonwon Lee tells says: "That while people don't personally believe they're trying to look white by getting their eyelids done or other plastic surgeries, they're still moving away from Korean-ness. The big eyes, small faces, and perky noses that are hallmarks of beauty in Korea aren't natural to most Koreans" (2015, Baer). When looking into the manner each side in.my opinion is valid. However, it seems like the surgeons support the more modern less racial argument and the cultural experts lean more so towards the racial or "Western wash" idea. My Thoughts... I feel like people will have different reasons to get any kind of surgery or alteration. Some may get it to look more Western and they may have issues with self hate. However, some may get it because they simply like the look and think it is trendy. Just like having straight hair in America. Some people people of color may straighten their hair to look more "White" due to self hate and others may do it because they like the look or style. At the end of the day who are we to judge? If no one is forcing this idea on you and you may be against it there is nothing to really get upset about. I hope people will love themselves and if they get these procedures it is because they like it as a trend not self hate. 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Post-Op Day 8
Hey Everyone! So, I thought I'd give everyone an update to my post-op cosmetic surgery. Today is Day 8 (post-op). Last Friday I went under the knife, which you can read about here to get the following procedures: * Rhinoplasty (nose job) * Chin implant * Jaw fillers *Under eye fillers I am excited to inform you that I took a total of four (4) Fioricet pills and nixed the rest because the pain just wasn't that bad. By day five, I was off of the Tylenol pills, which helped with the pain and let me rest. Click here to see what I looked like RIGHT AFTER SURGERY! Cost: $16,000 (for everything) Was it worth it? YES! While my nose will take about six months to heal and reduce in size, I can say that I am VERY PLEASED with the work that Dr. Lamperti did. He wasn't the least expensive, which was closer to $12,000. But he certainly wasn't the most expensive, which was $29,000. How did I find my doctor? It took three months of research, mainly through actual consultations with a variety of surgeons (that I had to pay for, which ranged from $75 - $100 per consult). So I spent a SMALL FORTUNE finding the right doctor, but it's so worth it! But it all started with RealSelf.com. That site is the definitive A-Z site for all things cosmetic. This should be your first step in your cosmetic journey. You're going to learn a lot and it's free to use! Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? Other? Leave a comment below. I will gladly answer your questions!!!! @inplainsight @danidee @jordanhamilton @PurpleChick @nicolejb @EasternShell @ButterflyBlu @mchlyang @allobaber @buddyesd @raquelArredondo @mchlyang @humairaa @danidee @TessStevens @alywoah @heartofgold35 @blubear07
Ladies I have to ask? What!
I was reading the NBC news online when this article popped up about various plastic surgery procedures and I just had to read it! One new fad was quite disturbing to me. Some people look fine with a little nip or tuck here or there granted! I am not against or for any procedures what I am for is that a person feels good about themselves. Sometimes feeling good about oneself may require a little help on the outside to meet today's so called standardized looks if that is what makes someone happy and feel good about themselves. I will say these Stars are making a fortune off their well let's just say "freak" bodies that a normal person will never have nor did they without a lot of expensive surgery. The Stars created these looks for a reason. Their own market niche and most likely their own lack of self esteem and needing attention. I just think we as women may want to remember that these are our only bodies. We can take better care of ourselves through a healthier lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise and loving ourselves. If that still isn't good enough to help us feel better about ourselves well then there is the old fashioned way! Try the latest hairstyles or wigs, new clothes, new or permanent makeup, and hey there are a lot of Spanx stuff out there that will give you a big butt smaller waist, stomach, thighs and bras that we all know will do a lot of false advertising and add several cup sizes! Wow! Look at all the options out there that are not invasive and don't put someone's life at risk! Again, it is just a option. The one thing in this entire article that really threw me and I found disturbing was that women once having had Brazilian waxes suddenly noticed their lady parts. Worse they felt insecure about them and had plastic surgery to remove some of them to an extent. Yet it made things uncomfortable to put it politely. Maybe I am old at 52 or maybe I am ahead of the curve I am not sure. I have never had a Brazilian wax. Personally, I have been shaving my underarms, all my leg from ankle to all the lady part areas since I was 10 years old. I can't be the only one who has any idea what the lady parts look like! Everyone has to tinkle right? Can no one at least feel them or see the slightest? I mean come on! Is this the most ridiculous thing ever? Has the women become so square? Prudeish? Uptight? Is it about our bodies, our lady parts only, sex? I just have to ask how is it possible? Why not just leave the lady parts alone why have them surgically altered? In my mind that is beyond crazy! Isn't that called self mutilation or worse? Read the article see what you think and check out their videos about the butt injections gone bad. I mean ouch! Whatever anyone decides to do please have it done by a legitimate professional with all the best credentials and in their medical offiice. Don't go off the grid tempting as it is! Please, we don't want to lose you or have anything happen to you at all. We your sisters out here love you and accept you for you no matter what. Reach out we are here for you. http://nbcnews.to/1ape9jL
The Surgery/Beauty Costs To Be A Kardashian Is MORE Than You Think
Want to be a Kardashian? Well, it's going to cost a pretty penny. UK cosmetic surgery brand Transform sat down with UK Daily that there has been a 73% increase in Kardashian related plastic surgeries. However, the Kardashians are not ones to hide the fact that with plastic surgery comes a crazy price tag. Luckily for the Kardashians, money isn't an issue. The costs below are mere estimates by Transform. "The Kardashian family has done more for cosmetic surgery than anyone previously. They openly talk about treatments, are filmed whilst having procedures and are unashamedly obsessed with looking their best at all times," says a Transform spokesperson. "Fans and viewers can see the results of the treatments and procedures they’ve all had for themselves – the Kardashians have lifted some of the taboos and stigmas associated with surgery and non-surgical treatments and shown the world, the great results these procedures can deliver." Below is a list of the prices in British pounds and American dollars. Check out these insane costs! Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner procedure total cost: £47,959 (~$73,356) Breasts - from £4,145 ($6,340) Blephs (upper and lower) - from £3,350 ($5,124) Browlift - From £4,650 ($7,112) Chin implant - from £4,390 ($6,714) Facelift - from £5,725 ($8,756) Rhinoplasty - from £3,000 ($4,588) Necklift - £5,050 ($7,724) Botox - 3 x a year / £350 each time (£1,050) ($1,606) Fillers - cheeks / £550 per year ($841) Fillers - lips / £350 3 x year (£1,050) ($1,606) Fillers - hands - £1,000 per year ($1,529) Laser hair removal / full body - £10k (16 sessions) ($15,295) Ultherapy / full face, neck and lips - from £3,999 ($6,116) Kim Kardashian West Kim Kardashian procedure total cost: £21,331 (~$32,625) Botox - three times per year £350 each time (£1,050) ($1606) Rhinoplasty - £3,000 ($4,588) Breast Uplift - £5,300 ($8,106) Lip fillers - two times per year £350 each time (£700) ($1,071) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Two courses of facial peels per year - £175 each time (£350) ($535) Enymed cellulite treatment on each area below Bottom - £1,700 for a course of six ($2,600) Thighs - £1,500 ($2,294) Inner Thighs - £1,500 ($2,600) Upper arms - £1,500 ($2,600) Lipo in three areas - £3,888 ($5,947) Kourtney Kardashian Kourtney Kardashian procedure total cost: £19,973 ($30,548) One Breast Augmentation - £4,250 ($6,500) Reg aug and mastopexy - £7,200 ($11,012) Subtle Rhino - £3,000 ($4,588) Botox - three areas three times per year - £350 (£1,050) ($1,606 Course of peels - £175 ($268) Microdermabrasion- £275 (course of six) ($421) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Coolsculpt on three areas (£2,400) ($3,671) Kylie Jenner Kylie Jenner procedure total cost: £15,878 ($24,285) Lipo (Three areas) - £3,888 ($5,947) Lip fillers - Four times a year - £350 (£1,400) ($2,141) Fat Transfer (no cost) Breast Aug - £4,250 ($6,500) Botox - Three areas three times per year - £350 (£1,050) ($1,606) Course of peels - £175 ($268) Microdermabrasion- £275 (course of six) ($421) Cheek fillers - 2 syringes 1-2 times per year - £500 each (£1,000) ($1529) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Kendall Jenner Kendall Jenner procedure total cost: £6,315 ($9,659) Lip fillers once a year - £350 ($535) Microdermabrasion- £275 (course of six) ($405) Dermaroller - £1,500 (course of five) ($2,294) Course of peels x 2 per year - £175 (£350) ($535) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Khloé Kardashian Khloé Kardashian procedure total cost: £17,040 ($26,062) Botox - three areas three times per year - £350 (£1,050) ($1,606 Subtle Breast Aug - £4,250 ($6,500) Course of peels - £175 ($268) Lip fillers - 2/3 times per year - £350 each (£1,050) ($1,606 Cheek fillers - two syringes 1-2 times per year - £500 each (£1,000) ($1,529) Possible rhino - £3,000 ($4,588) Microdermabrasion- £275 (course of six) ($421) Coolsculpt on three areas (£2,400) ($3,671) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Kris Jenner Kris Jenner procedure total cost: £46,028 (~$70,398) Rhino - £3,000 ($4,588) Botox - three areas four times per year - £350 each time (£1,400) ($2,141) Lip fillers - 2/3 times per year - £350 each (£1,050) ($1,606) Cheek fillers - two syringes 1-2 times per year - £500 each (£1,000) ($1,529) Laser hair removal - £3,840 ($5,873) Face, neck and upper blephs - £9,300 ($14,224) Bra lift - £3,400 ($5,200) Lipo - three areas - £3,888 ($5,947) One breast augmentation - £4,250 ($6,500) Breast re-aug and mastopexy - £7,200 ($11,012) Abdominoplasty - £5,700 ($8,718) Ultherapy - £2,000 ($3,059) Is this necessary? Tell me in the comments below.