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So I was on YouTube one random night watching my favorite kpop groups when I saw this video in the suggested videos. I, being the weird kpopper I am, decided to click on it and see where it led to thinking, "It couldn't hurt right?" Little did I know that I would be seeing into the heart of Koreans and how Kpop truly effects them. It makes me wonder if Koreans think us Americans have 'big eyes.'
If you were Korean, if you're not already Korean, and living in Korea, do you think you'd follow this image trend? What are your thoughts on this image trend?
I really don't understand the obsession with "perfect" beauty. Take that girl Hwain, her eyes were really pretty before the surgery. She didn't have to change them. When everyone starts getting the same thing done they all emd up lookong alike. There's no diversity, no different types of beauty, nothing that makes you unique. I understand why they do it but I prefer natural faces.
But the girl Hwain was already pretty, and they guy with 17 surgeries was cute before the surgery. T-T this is sad, they're all pretty, they didn't need to do this. But it's ok, I won't judge them.
@KellyOConnor I completely understand and agree with you. Also, since you mentioned it: Hwain, want to have open eyes when all I want is to be able to have Asian eyes. As they say, "the grass is greener on the other side."
I think if it makes them happy let them do it. We have no right to judge because it's their life.
not all kpop stars do plastic surgery (if that is what they are implying)
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