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Bleach 646

Bleach 646 came out today.... so here it is!

So.... that was intense right there. Kyoraku is one of the coolest characters in Bleach.... but it looks like not even he can handle this Quincy.
Also, why do so many people compare themselves to gods in this damn manga! Like SO MANY PEOPLE! Aizen, Yhwach, this dude... like what the hell, man!?
I don't know what to think... Kyoraku can't be dead..? He just became Commander dammit! What do you all think?
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Naa, I think it's one of his shadows. there's a reason he was chosen as the commander. he's not going down that easily, I don't care if that quincy digi-volved lol
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@SeintoSeiya I totally agree. It's not gonna be so easy as all that. plus when it's the last panel in a chapter it very rarely ends up being a death straight up.
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