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Not that anybody asked me but YES!
so today was a bit awkward....as my college professor took attendance this morning she asked us to name one of our secondary discourses. Without nothing else in mind, the first thing that slipped out was kpop. As if that wasnt embarressing enough she made me repeat myself three times 0.0 however like always there is that one person that asked "what is that? chinese music?" and before i could answer someone on the other side of the room yelled "Its Korean! Thats what the K stands for" I was surprised because of how rudely the other guy answered... and for some reason i felt a bit awkward because the guy who had asked was like "oh im sorry no offense" and the other guy was like "nah its cool man" but ugh it was horrible like i know this probably doesnt make any sense but i felt as if i was put into a very awkward situation ._. anyway now everybody knows my secrets D; haha on the other side some girl was so surprised at how i wasnt korean yet i found an interest in korean things lol so that was nice she even thought i was korean even though i look nothing it but hey i felt a bit flattered xD
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