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Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat's Sherlock series has become somewhat of an International sensation. By adapting the classic stories into the world we live in today, Gatiss and Moffat successfully reintroduced Sherlock Holmes to a new generation.
And among some online communities it's become somewhat of a joke to always wonder when the next season/series will be coming out. With both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman finding work within the Marvel Universe it sometimes feels like they actors won't have the time to act in a new series.
But that doesn't mean we have to wait (too) long for more Sherlock. It looks like we'll be seeing this version Sherlock soon-ish, even though it's a little bit different this time around...
And by different I mean in a Victorian Era setting. Which is, well, you know, the same thing but without all the text message words popping up and internetting. Either way though, I'm pretty excited about this Sherlock special.
There's something extremely tense about this trailer and that's where part of my excitement comes from. I don't know if it's just me or if I need to watch it a couple more times but it doesn't seem like there is as much humor in this one-shot than there is in the proper series. But I'm okay with this.
Part of me wonders if their characters are going to be different than the present-day Sherlock and Watson and how this story fits into the lore of the world. My (uneducated) guess is that it probably doesn't and is just a fun, little side story for the fans.
Even though there isn't a definitive release date, the special is coming soon and let's hope it premieres before 2016.
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@ChosenKnight yeah!! They haven't said much but he's going to be in Civil War. And also YES the christmas special is going to be Victorian... A Victorian au of their Modern au- essentially they're making fanfiction of their fanfiction. XD
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wwwhhhaaaa!! no way. I'm in heaven.and the episode is coming out this year?? lol what a great way to put that lol
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@ChosenKnight hahaha yeah I'm really hoping we'll get more details about it soon!!!!!
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Hmm idk how I feel about this but I'm just excited to see them act together again. I take anything at this point. 馃槉
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@BluBear07 fair enough! They have a really great dynamic together as actors and the writing is always really snappy
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