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A little pop of color in the fall won't hurt.

It's been done before and it's definitely on trend this season. As much as we love our burgundy and brown lips, adding a little bit of color into your life never hurt anybody. Let the leaves and your lips compete with these amazing bright colors that will have you feeling like summer in the fall.
It's never too late to pull out the pinks, purples, orange and even green lipsticks that you unwillingly put away until next year. Go grab them because they will definitely come in handy over the next few months. If you need a bit of lipstick inspiration to make some idea pop in your head, keep scrolling.

Morange By MAC Cosmetics

Bright orange lips only in the spring and summer is so yesterday. This orange lip will instantly brighten up any look giving it flare.

Dr. M By ColourPop Cosmetics

If you're ever feeling a bit daring, this lipstick is perfect. Reminiscent of emerald green, you might get stares -- but with this lip you should enjoy them.

Candy Yum Yum By MAC Cosmetics

Trade in your burgundy for a day in place of this beautiful bright pink. This specific lipstick and bright pink lips will never go out of style.

L.U.V. By Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

Similar to MAC's Violetta, this purple lip is the perfect shade. Not too light not too dark. Great for fall.

What shade will you will be wearing on your lips this fall?

I agree!!! I absolutely love a pop of color @marshalledgar
you sound gorgeous @KaraHevner and I am so sure that anything will look amazing on you, as any women. but I think you should def give the purple and orange shades a go. I think those look amazing on fair skin and they would bring your eyes out even more :)
It's so nice to see brights this Fall. We need more brights!!
Ahh! IDK, they're all so pretty! What do you think would look good for me? I have fair skin, medium brown hair with a red undertone and hazel eyes. I feel that's complicated trying to figure out! LoL @jordanhamilton
I'll take them all and wear them everyday at work .... :)))