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30 Day kpop challenge Day 1!!! Fave guy group:

¿¿??¿¿??CAN YOU GUESS THEM??¿¿??¿¿

Yes I do own both those posters lolol
They arrreeeeeeeeeee Winner and Infinite!
Two very different groups
Before The Dawn by Infinite was the first ever kpop song l discovered on my own so Infinite has a special place in my heart.
But Winners debut album is my favorite album of all time period. They're creativity and authenticity is such a present.
Infinite have gone through some very hard times and have a rather strict company and a freakishly busy schedule but every member has a truly unique and delightful personality and they are all like brothers and are an example to me of how to treat my family and friends.
Winner is the very definition of music and their songs resonate with me on a very deep level.