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Are you the master of Marvel trivia?

This week's Guess Who game was REALLY DIFFICULT! Here were the hints:
This character was originally an animal, not a person He used to only have arm hair when not in costume

What was the answer? WOLVERINE!

That's right, Marvel had a rule in the 70s that Wolverine's arm hair didn't exist when he was in costume. And he was originally intended to be an actual Wolverine that was then turned into a human... but they changed their minds later on.
Lots of people guessed, but only one person figured it out! Kudos to @shantalcamara for guessing this one correctly! I'm very impressed.
To everyone else @BeannachtOraibh @OGv6FATE @SeintoSeiya @CandaceJordan @VinMcCarthy @ChosenKnight @DanRodriguez I'm very impressed with you all as well! I bet you'll get the next one for sure! Maybe next time I'll open it up to DC characters...
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@BeannachtOraibh thank you. omg I am soo happy this was really hard. Thanks @Shannonl5
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@BeannachtOraibh @shantalcamara lol I'm make sure to do another really fun one soon!
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@shannonl5 can't wait
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