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Google, Facebook, Apple, and other big tech companies are all really fascinated by you. So much so they are collecting your information. This new data-sharing is a bit discomforting to me, seeing as they own all our info.
I couldn’t help but relate this problem to everyone’s sassy Mean Girl, Regina George.
If you’ve never seen Mean Girls, she is essentially the meanest mean girl in your high school you can imagine. You know, the really pretty one that knows how to manipulate.

And here’s why this agreement is just like Regina George...

They use tools like web search history (gossip) and social-media profiles (digging for information) to learn more about you.

They didn’t just hear it through the grapevine though. They have things locked down an confirmed.

And they are sharing it with their inner circle. You know, their groupies.

They share that information with the U.S. Government. How fun!

They keep it hidden so you can never seen it or know what they know about you.

They keep this data far away from real people, in safe and secure servers. So they can target you better with advertisements.

Even when people get angry about it, they refuse to admit they did anything wrong.

The EU is pretty upset about the fact they are sharing their citizens information, as it breaks their privacy laws. And although the EU denied this sharing, the tech companies are just like: well, it is an American platform.

It’s not until we set up privacy standard in our own country that we are able to keep our privacy.

Just like how we need to keep things safe from Regina George. Because she’s really kinda scary...
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Anytime @littlemaryk, also you might not know this but google caters your search based on your interests too! so your number one on your search might be totally different then someone else. I use google every day! for me that’s kinda scary!
2 years ago·Reply
I’m a little confused @alexishart do you mean that these data-sharing companies are keeping our secrets or that we still have them ourselves?
2 years ago·Reply
Hahahaha then we must start little mind games now! @missophiestik Caty would want that.
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb isn't that way more scarier?!?
2 years ago·Reply
Hahaha yeah probably, but at least we are the nice guy in the end right? @missophiestik
2 years ago·Reply