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You ever notice how almost every movie is exactly the same? I mean, in terms of narrative beats. Yeah, the details might be different but the way the protagonist traverses through his world is essentially the same, right? Well, we can blame Joseph Campbell for that.
Okay, okay, maybe "blame" isn't the right word. I mean, it's undeniable that a lot of action/adventure movies follow the same format. And if you're like me; which is busy, lazy, and would rather watch movies/play video games and don't have time to read a whole Joseph Campbell book, you can watch the video below by Iskander Krayenbosch.
One of the reasons I like this so much is because Krayenbosch makes the Hero's Journey easy and simple to digest by using cutesy, South Park-esque animation and images/sound from a bunch of famous franchises/movies.
Instead of coming off in a way that's pejorative or derogatory towards Campbell's narrative framework, it almost feels like an homage to it. It's a beautiful reminder of how stories are crafted and organized.
It's something I had to bookmark because as someone who wishes he could craft a story that could probably, maybe be made into a movie, it's a good way to see what works in stories on the screen before I start making my own.
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I've always thought that most movies can be summed up within the like...first ten minutes. Isn't that something? It gets people involved...and once you do, you can pretty much tell whatever story you ant. That first ten minutes is crucial.