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Hello Anime Vinglers! Welcome to Day 7 of Otaku October! <3

Today, let's talk about our favorite anime ship (anime pairing)!

It can be a friend-ship, a bromance-ship, a couple-ship or any other ship you can think of. A pairing that you believe in! XD

My favorite anime ship would be Usui and Misaki from Maid Sama. They are constantly driving each other crazy with their opposing personalities and quirks but they have good chemistry and understand each other really well. Also, they are a hilarious couple. They would have to be my favorite couple-ship when it comes to anime.

So, who is part of your favorite anime ship and why? ^_^

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Nalu!!! Natsu and Lucy
Natsu and Lucy Jellal and Erza :)
MakoHaru SouRin MidoTaka RomShuu MikaYuu ShIzaya KageHina ReshiBasu SuFin SpaMano KuroShiro FushimiYata ReiBert NezuShii ReiMasa ;3💕💕those are my otp but I have more ;3
Kamina x Yoko Simon x Nia Gon x Killua Yato x Hiyori Shinichi x Migi Kaneki x Touka Shiro x kurou Naruto x Sasuke Too many!
all of them