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Heechul & Ren's Love Child
So I'm constantly noticing kpop lookalikes and making kpop families but my fav is this one. [EDIT] I feel the need to add that yes Jun is much more fitting for Heechul looks wise (THEY COULD BE TWINS, I KNOW LOL) but when I look at Heechul and Jeonghan, I can see they have some of the same mannerisms. We all know Ren is an obvious choice looks wise so I won't even explain that, haha.


This shit little right here.


And this little shit right here.


Could father this little shit right here.
Seriously though. @AimeeH @AmbieB @MorganElisabeth @kpopandkimchi @tayunnie nah but like tag your friends, i still haven't learned everyones tags yet haha. but yeah... Don't y'all agree?
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