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So I'm constantly noticing kpop lookalikes and making kpop families but my fav is this one. [EDIT] I feel the need to add that yes Jun is much more fitting for Heechul looks wise (THEY COULD BE TWINS, I KNOW LOL) but when I look at Heechul and Jeonghan, I can see they have some of the same mannerisms. We all know Ren is an obvious choice looks wise so I won't even explain that, haha.


This shit little right here.


And this little shit right here.


Could father this little shit right here.
Seriously though. @AimeeH @AmbieB @MorganElisabeth @kpopandkimchi @tayunnie nah but like tag your friends, i still haven't learned everyones tags yet haha. but yeah... Don't y'all agree?
me:*looks at heechul* omg jun me: *looks at Ren* wtf he's beautiful me:*looks at jeonghan* *realizes he's a perfect combination * me :you's a bitch.. me: *literally crying
I feel like Ren is Key and CL's love child.
1) Heechul is like my best friend. We are the same person. He doesn't know it (yet), but we would totally click. And 2) you're right, but I see more Ren than anything else. There aren't too many idols that actually get this reaction from me, but Jeonghan is unbelievably beautiful. Like a doll.
ik how that feels your just like he is so cute and when your trying to explain to your friends about who you like and just show a pic of them and and say this shit right here is ruining my life @ChelseaJay
Ah, these meme's are so precious.
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