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Its official! Tae's comeback is set for this month! I cant stop smiling! Tae's comeback is like the best news I've gotten since news of B.A.P. I've been following Tae since debuting with Shinee, I've watch him grow into a fine young man, and couldn't be more prouder of him and his accomplishments. His first album was amazing! His songs, mv's, concepts, and stages, all fantastic! I'm super excited to see what he has in store for all of us! I will always stand by his side and support him! The date needs to be released soon, I don't know if my body can handle all these feels.
@DiamondAce it's about time though! Give the girls their time to shine and represent.
@DiamondAce if 2015 was this serious I can't wait until 2016.
@ChelseaJay Seriously! his date isn't out yet but its scheduled for this month. I feel yah. tae,vixx,bap,bts. its literally the year of comebacks
OMG!!! I was so blown away by his solo the first time I'm sure thsi will be just as great :D
@ChelseaJay Exactly! I've never really been into a lot of girl groups but I'm totally excited to explore girl groups!
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