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Sorry I tried to put this on the other card but its said that its was to long. so here part seven @amandmuska @AimeeH
The Queen Daughter
Mandi thought she was laying on the floor, Its was cold and hard. She didn't know what had happen. She wonder how she got here. She open her eyes. She was laying in a bed, she looked around the room. She saw a tabled and a book shelf. She realize that she was laying on her side. When she looked down she saw that she didn't have any clothes on. She became scared, she felt somebody moved next to her, she turned her head and saw GD sleeping. His eyes was closed, she thought he look cute when he sleeping. His hair hanged over his face, he red lips was kissable. While she was looking at him, he open his eyes and looked at her. "We are married now." He said pulling her to him. He gently kissed her on her lips. She didn't remember what had happens last night. But what ever happen she was happy. She was laying on his forearm. She was enjoying laying on him and looking in to his eyes. She started to feel pain in her stomach. GD could see that's she was in pain, he got up and looked at her, "What's wrong Mandi?" He asked worried. "My stomach hurts." She said. He laugh he looked at her, "It because you need to feed." He said. She got up fast, she looked at him, "What you mean feed?" She asked him. He smile at her, "Feed the things that vampires do." He said. She was in shock, she couldn't believe that he really made her a vampire. GD got up and started to get dress, "Come on so you can feed. Plus we have to go to your sister awakening." He said. She looked at him, "Awakening?" She asked. He nods his head, "Yea Neicy is being a queen today, and my bestfriend Top is becoming her king." He said. She got out of bed, and looked around for her clothes. She looked on the chair where a black dress was waiting for her. Michelle and Bri woke up in an cold room. Michelle looked around wondering were they was. She looked at Bri, she was happy that Bri was okay. She went over to her hugged her, "I'm glad your okay." Michelle said to Bri. Bri looked at her, she began to cry. "Why did Unni do this to me?" Bri cried. Michelle hugged her. "Its okay, I don't know why either." Michelle said. Aimee came into the room, she looked all worried. Her eyes was puffy, and red, like she been crying. "OMG I'm glad your okay." She said to them. They looked at her, "Then why in the hell you do this to me?" Bri yelled. Aimee began to cry, "Because it's was the only way. They was going to use you as food." She said. She looked down at her feet. "I would never hurt for no reason, I wanted to made you like me." Aimee said. She look at Bri and hugged her. "I'm sorry that I did this to you. You can hate me all you want but I didn't it because I love you." Aimee said crying again. Bri was mad at Aimee, she don't know if she could ever forgive her. Bri looked at Michelle, she realize Michelle wasn't a vampire. "Why Michelle isn't no vampire." Bri asked looking at Michelle. Aimee looked up at Michelle, "That because Adam said not to turn or bite her." Aimee said. Bri and Michelle looked at her, "What you mean Aimee?" Michelle said. "And who is Adam?" Bri asked. "Adam is the king of vampires, that why the woman in the black dress made the feast for him." Aimee said. Aimee pointed at Michelle, "He saw you laying down after Casey bit you and thought you was a cute." Aimee said laughing. Michelle looked at Aimee, she didn't know there was a vampire king, and he likes her. Bri was still confused, she looked at Michelle, and then back at Aimee. She wonder why would a king of vampires keep her sister alive.Daesung and Casey was getting ready for the awakening, "How did Neicy take it?" Dae asked. Casey shrug her shoulders, "I don't know, she been quite all day." Casey said. She looked at Dae, he looked back at her. "Are you mad that we didn't have a big wedding ceremony?" Dae asked. Casey smiled, "No I'm happy we are married." She said. When vampires get married they have what you call a sex ceremony. That's when two vampires become one. But Dae want her to be happy. They had a small ceremony after she was turn. Then they did the intimate ceremony. She smiled at him helping him to get ready for the awakening ceremony for her sister. Dae looked at her "Have I ever told I love you." He said. She smiled at him and kiss him. Neicy was getting ready for her wedding. She was scared, she had just found out that she was the next true queen. Top was her king, she didn't know what to do. She look in the mirror and saw the red dress she had on. The dress was long, the top was covered in red ruby's. The bottom was like a medieval dresses. She had a long Vail going down her back. While she was looking at herself, she heard a knock on the door. She turn her head and saw Adam coming in. "Wow you look beautiful." He said. She was happy to see him, even though she didn't really know him, but she felt like she know him. She hugged him and started to cry, "What am I?" She asked. He pulled away and looked at her. "You the most beautiful queen ever." He said. She looked in his eyes, even though he had coldness in his eyes she saw warmth. A lady came to the door, "Its time." She said. Neicy looked at herself in the mirror, after this she is becoming a super natural creature queen. Everybody was down in the ball room. Top was nervous, he know that he was going to have to wake up Neicy. He know that the minute he does he want just be Top no more. He will be know as as king. He stood at the at the bottom of the stairs. He turn around and saw his friends. GD with Mandi his new wife, Daesung and Casey, Seungri was flirting with others vampires girls, and Taeyang and Aimee cuddling each other. He looked over and saw that human girl that Adam wanted to keep alive. He saw the Orchestra on the other side of the stairs. They began to play as the king and queen came walking to the balcony. "Today is a wonderful day" Akasha said. "We are here to gather the new queen and king. Today we will be united as one. For ever the internity." She said. Top walked up the stairs to the balcony. He bowed down to Akasha and Adam. Adam put his hands on his shoulder. "For ever internity." He said.The music began playing an old Egyptian song for the bride. Neicy came walking down the hall as her dress hanged. She saw Top standing there. He turn around to see her. She also saw her parents looking at her. As she got closer to them Top came out and gave her his arm, she grabbed it. He looked at her, "Your beautiful." He said. She was nervous that she is about to become the most powerful supernatural being. They walked to the balcony where everybody can see them. Adam smiled at her, "Let's began the awakening ceremony." He said. Adam pulled out a cut and a blade. He cut his hand, then let his blood dropped in to the cup. Akasha did the same thing. They gave the cup to Top and Neicy. "Now Top and Neicy will drink out blood. The blood will give Top the ability to wake up Neicy." Top took the cup and drank it. Then he gave it to Neicy. She took it and swallow the rest. Top bit his wrist and feed it to Neicy. She drank from his wrist. She started to feel hot as she was drinking. Then Top pulled her close, then pulled back her Vail and sunk his fangs into her neck. Neicy moan as she felt Top drink from her. As top was drinking her blood, they began to raise into the air. Neicy began to feel something strange inside her. She wrap her arms around Top. She began to closed her eyes. They came back down, and Top laid her down. Aimee came out of the hall with a virgin girl. She brought her to the balcony where Neicy was laying. The girl was blindfolded, Aimee put the girl to her knees. She turn to Adam and Akasha she bowed to them and went back to Taeyang. Akasha got behind the girl and cut her neck. The girl screamed, every vampire there could smell the virgin blood. Akasha held the blade over Neicy mouth. The blood drip in to Neicy mouth. Neicy was laying on the floor, she felt the blood hit her mouth and began to lick her lips. She open her eyes, her eyes was all black, her skin stared to turn black. She started to turn into a hybrid. Akasha let some of the blood falls in to Tops mouth. He closed his eyes, the he open them. His eyes was a navy blue color. Neicy looked at Top and then back at the girl. The both bit her neck, they drained her until she was dead. They both lifts their heads and began making a a screech sound. All the vampires began doing the same thing. Akasha had her servant spring or more virgin humans. They began to feed. Top lick the blood off of Neicy face. He pick her up and took her to the Boom Boom Room. Michelle looked around and saw all her sister feeding on humans like they buffet. She was starting to get scared. Adam looked down and saw Michelle scared. She used his super speed to pick her up and take her to a room. He put her on the bed, "I want you to become my wife." He said. She looked at him, she thought he was crazy. Before she could get up he had already grabbed her and bit her. He closed the door with his telepathic powers. She watch as the doors, closed and saw her life flash in front her eyes.Top laid Neicy down on the red bed. They began to kiss while in their hybrid from. Top ripped off Neicy dress, he groped her breasts as he kiss her passionately. She couldn't believe the feeling she was having. Her body was calling to him. She wanted him inside. She ripped off his shirt pants. Didn't take then long to began making love. She had never felt this before she was happy that she could be with Top for ever. She closed her eyes and began making them as one. One year later...Everybody had adjust of being vampires. Everybody was happy having their loves ones by their said. They had internity together. Aimee was having a party at her and Taeyang Mansion. Everybody showed up.Aimee had a son name is Hyun-Ki. Michelle had a set of twins she named them Daylon and Payton. They are just the cutest. Michelle son is a Prince his name is Jacob. Casey had a cute little daughters she name her Heavan. Neicy had a son name Damon. Everybody was happy to be together, Neicy hugged Aimee and Michelle. "Isn't good that we are all here with our family?" Michelle said. She smiled and waved at her son. Her son is only one but he looks three. Vampire children grown fast except you are the queen or king. Then your child will age like a human. "Yea." Neicy said. She smiled at her son and husband. Mandi was dancing with her husband. She saw her twins beating up Aimee son. Aimee looked at them and walked over "Why are you beating my son?" Aimee asked. They just shrugs theirs shoulders. While everybody was having a good time. A vampire Hunter showed up, this vampire Hunter is hunting a hybrid. He want to kill one so he could get his points. He was on top of Taeyang house. He pointed the arrow at Aimee. He didn't know that Aimee was a hybrid. The arrow he is aiming at Aimee was a unique arrow. This error can kill any ancient or hybrid vampire. Neicy was dancing when she saw the guy pointing at Aimee. He shoot the arrow. Neicy saw how fast the arrow was going. She ran as fast as she could. She push Aimee out of the way. The arrow went straight through Neicy heart. Aimee looked up and saw Neicy. She went to her, she held her in her arms. "Neicy!! Neicy!!" She screamed her name. Neicy looked in to Aimee eyes and smiled. She knew that she was going to die and the person to be by her side was her older sister. Everybody rush to her, Top and the guys went after the Hunter. The girls around her and began to cry. Neicy cough of blood, she put her hands to Aimee face. "Please take care of Damon and Top." She said. Aimee began to sob, "Neicy your not going to die!!" She yelled. Neicy looked at everybody around her, she smiled one last time. Aimee watch as Neicy began to turn black. Her eyes, her hair. Aimee watch as her little sister turn in to ash. Aimee, Mandi, Michelle, Bri, and Casey all watch Neicy ashes blow away. Aimee couldn't believe that her younger sister save her life. As they cried together, Aimee looked at the shy and she smiled, because she know that Neicy was with their mother.The end...Please commnet below and tell what you thinkThanks youNeicy
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