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Hello Vinglers! Allow me to introduce you to a new, totally scientific (at least 30% of the time) thingy! Where I, a mad man AND a scientist (mostly mad man), will rip holes in the space time continuum and go faster than the speed of potato!!! Though I am not the first time manipulator, I can assure you that I am the least boring of them all! If you haven't caught on yet, this is a place where I write about theories, possibilities, and just about anything having to do with our odd universe! If you enjoy compelling evidence, and cold hard proof of the impossible becoming possible, make sure to check back on this collection often! It enough people get on board with this I might just have to make a YouTube channel, and buy a green screen, and get my younger brother to edit all of time and space behind me, while I float in my office chair through the deep space while explaining how to rip planets to pieces... Only with enough people on board with this thing. Maybe it'll catch on a bit, maybe it won't. For now, I bid thy fellow Googlers farewell, and I go back to sleep, where I will wait for more divine inspiration to smack me in the face.
(I don't own the image! I am so sorry Mr. Photo Taker Human Person, but I give credit to you!!! And besides... Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!)
Awesome!!!! I want to learn more! Science is hard lol
AlexanderBeta Degrasse Tyson coming up. sounds good!