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This is my response card to @VinMcCarthy's awesome My Otaku Life in GIFs challenge!

Here are the rules:

Answer the 5 questions using GIFs! (And only 5 GIFS)
Put {Otakutober} or {OO} in the title, for Otaku October!
Tag some folks who you think would like this challenge!
Post your responses by Friday, October 9.

What was the first anime you watched?


What was the first anime/manga you ever finished?

I binge-watched Ouran High School Host Club.

Who is your favorite anime lady?

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan!

Who is your favorite anime man?

This changes so much but right now, I'll say Howl from Howl's Moving Castle.

What anime are you currently watching?

No Game No Life
I'm sure many of you have done this already but I'll tag @CassondraSteven @Haidurr @Jelloston @oppadesu @MaighdlinS @NSeanLaTour and @WTFwaffle (^_^)
I can't believe there's no Totoro in here! but great picks nonetheless. Ahhh, sweet baby Howl with your dumb, dumb, dumbness. good job Totoro-sensei XD
@Haidurr Awesome! Can't wait to see it friend! :)
@poojas thanks for tagging me friend, I should have mine up sometime tomorrow!
Well I don't know how to attach gift but: 1. Black Lagoon 2. Bleach 3. Revy (Black Lagoon) Like let's be real totally BA right? 4. Goku, always in a good mood and stands up for others. Plus his semi-clueless personality is hilarious. 5. World Trigger plus about 10 others :) Thanks for the post @poojas
Yay you finally did it, I love your that you binge watched OHSHC because it's an awesome and cute anime!
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