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So I'm new here, so hey everybody. I probably don't have much of an audience either so it just seems like I'm talking to myself right now (how odd). So I'm just going to do some getting to know about me shizz and what not! 1. I am a huge fan of Cartoon Network! I love every show that currently airs, (yeah, I said it. Every.) especially Steven Universe. I'm a huge follower of Steven Universe, though some of the fandom can be overbearing. 2. I'm pretty geeky. I love Game of Thrones, all sorts of anime, love me so good Kpop, and Hello Kitty is love. I read comics and all that jazzy stuff. 3. I'm a gamer. My top five: The Kingdom Hearts series, The Bioshock series, The Batman series, The Dynasty Warrior series (normal and Gundam), and Alan Wake (purely because of the story). 4. I'm damn near 20, my birthday is the 24th so I'm hella exciterballs about it! It's not as good as being 21 but it's one year closer! 5. I am fashionably unacceptable. That means I not only dress bad a lot, but I'm everything my country (USA, baby) doesn't want me to be.
So I'm really hoping I can do this blog shizz, make friends, share my opinions, and make people smile. :)
Lol Happy early birthday! Gotta love Steven Universe! I also love Games of thrones and like the 6 season is coming out soon too! So excited! :D
@shannonl5 kingdom hearts is my life lmao. My birthday is so far away. I'm only 17 lol
Happy (almost) birthday! @AdiaJasinski @chris98vamg loooook another Steven Universe fan ^_^
You like anime and video games? LIK BIOSHOCK AND KINGDOM HEARTS? we will be good friends I imagine. (btw there's a video games community here too!)