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This is a new series called "Have You Watched" where I'll talk about a drama I've seen and what I think about it.

Please start posting your own too to help the community members figure out what they should watch next :D

I actually haven't seen that many dramas compared to all of you guys *blushes*

Anyway, today I'll mention Love Rain!

Starring SNSD's Yoona

& Jang Geun Suk

Seo In-ha (Jang Geun suk) and Kim Yoon-hee (Yoona) fall in love at first sight in college in the 1970s, but lots of different circumstances keep them apart...
Fast forward to 2012 and older In-ha is in an unhappy marriage when he runs into older Yoon-hee. He never got over her from his university days so when they meet again they try to make up for lost time.
Somehow, separately, In-ha's son and Yoon-hee's daughter meet and end up starting a relationship...only to find out that their parents are dating...EWWWWW!
Basically the plot is super ridiculous but the drama is pretty nice to watch (mainly because I love watch Jang Geun Suk do anything)

Definitely not my favorite but if you're looking for a silly romantic drama with great kiss scenes, this is it!

What did you guys think of it?

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and I'd like to add that it's jang geun suk so it's a must watch haha #sobiased
one of my favorites
@Kamiamon whoa i think you need to explain lol whats wrong with JKS?
when it comes to Jang Geun Suk, I give anything and everything to watch the drama he is in. ;) he's just the best, and the drama he started in with park shin hye is my all time favorite! can anyone guess which one it is?
his drama with park shin hye is "he's beautiful"