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Here is Workout Routine for Basketball Players Day 3!

If you guys have missed Day 1 and Day 2, check these cards out as well!
[Day 3 Workout]
1. Pull-Ups 3x8
2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press 4x12
3. Cable Seated Row 4x10
4. Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raise 3x10 (each side)
5. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise 3x10
6. Bicep Curls 4x10
7. Hammer Curls 4x10 (each side)

1. Pull-Ups

2. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

3. Cable Seated Row

4. Dumbbell Front Shoulder Raise

5. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raise

6. Bicep Curls

7. Hammer Curls

Remember to focus and push through and...

Also, if you guys would like to be updated with these lifting routines, please let me know by commenting on the comments section below!

@alywoah Exactly haha.
Having a flexed bicep looks better for the fist pump at the club.
@alywoah Ahh I love bicep curls too. Great workout before going out on the weekend!
Thanks for the tag guiizzzz @TessStevens @Mchylang ...bicep curls are my favorite.
@alywoah I think you'd like this!!!
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