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How big will Spider-Man's role in Civil War be?

If you're not familiar with the film rights negotiations behind some of Marvel's most popular characters, you might be confused as to why Spider-Man hasn't appeared in any of The Avengers films yet. The short version: Marvel sold the film rights to the character, and managed to get the rights to use him again while they were filming Civil War. (you can check out this card for more info).

Since they added him in after production began, how do you think the character will affect the cinematic universe?

Here's what we know so far:

He'll be played by Tom Holland
The character had a huge role in the comics (spoiler warning)
And.... that's about it! What do you all think? Is his role going to be really big, or more of a cameo? Feel free to speculate in the comments!
I feel he won't have a big role unfortunately. In the comic his role was small but his impact was huge (it's Spiderman one of my favorites) even though the writer admitted to putting him civil war to get spidey fans "in on it" I just hope he still reveals himself but most likely he won't.. it will be something wack like iron-man just making his web shooters. which is stupid because that was part of Peter Parker the fact he was.. I mean is a genius. I hope they some how set up Parker industries in the future Parker having his own company like stark was just a cool idea to me. let just all hope they don't screw this opportunity to shock and awe us but giving us. what we want and what they need.
@JoeyNelson yeah Sony had the rights to the character in film, like Fox with the X-Men. Marvel had to sell the film rights to a lot of their characters because they almost went bankrupt in the 90s. You're definitely right, there's a lot of built-up anticipation for the character to join the universe. And in the comics his role was actually quite pivotal. I guess it's a question of how much they could fit in with a major last-minute change like this @ChosenKnight @LionaLangford @Nini75 @chris98vamg @BrandonAndrews @BeannachtOraibh @ZacharyColeHall @JPBenedetto @PamDelacy @BrunoDutch @jeffpeterrutan @jibarito @Marichel @JaxomB @loftonc16 @Jelloston @thewolfofnola @MdeJonge @AshelyJewell @raenel @FreeWill666 @shantalcamara what do you all think?
huge role or not, I hope they keep spiderman's connection to the civil war like in the comics. Spiderman has to be my number 1 hero, I can't wait for his solo film I wonder how it's going to be
spider man could be very big if his film has something to do with great wars like how captain America did. if the story and plot is good then Spider-Man is going back through the roof. not that I'm saying captain America is through the roof 馃槀馃槀
@shannonl5 true maybe they could put enough if his story line into the movie. but I doubt it.
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