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@shannonl5 had a post a while back and I was suppose to partake, however I became Ill. So better late than never!
Deadpool, yeah you.. I see you.. Listen, I'm not calling you Deadpool, I'm using your government name.. WADE. GOT IT?! I know you have issues like flirting with Death... Seriously? Thanos has that so cut it out. I don't want to see a mad purple monster on earth looking for you and a raccoon rallying the troops.
It just won't end well, lol. When it comes to love and Thanos, take a backseat. Wade, my darling you are very funny and you are the "merc with the mouth" you make my life very entertaining, Eventhough you are on comic pages on my tablet ::spoiler alert ⚠ :: yeah, try to break into reality and come see me.
Your face might scare people Wade, but hell at least you are not ugly on the inside. You see the upsides to things and crack jokes on people who are not ready
Wolverine is serious all the time, he might not laugh because he is not that witty Wade, so relax.. I like Mexican food and you like Mexican food... I get you Bro..
Yea, we have a few things in common but the whole murder thing. BUT we both kinda crush on Thor...
Your version... Which I find too funny and cute. Btw good taste Wade.
My Version, by the way Wade.. I told Thor my real name so, yeah you can address me as Lydia in private.
Yeah... I know you sicko, that's why you are my ace Wade. I don't want you to try to kill yourself to be with Death or actually be gone. I appreciate that you make me laugh and actually laugh out loud. Oh and let me clear this up I knew about you before Ryan Reynolds decided to bring you to the silver screen, so no I'm not a wannabe Wade fan.
So do me a favor Wade, enjoy life and the fact I'm not sending a hit squad because of your bat selfie but I must say you have a mean selfie game... So if you break that 5th wall and do some Cool World thing (yeah Wade, it was a movie in the 90's and animation came to life lol) Maybe me and you can... Netflix and chill?
I know Archer I know... Thanks for the chat Wade, L A dangerous xoxo Lol enjoy @shannonl5 and other Viglers!
lol oh god. A ONESIE?
Lmao!!! I am an extremely random person @vinmccarty. I pull types of things out of my onesie... PHRASHING LOL. Yea I have Archer issues. :p
also great deadpool card!
I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!! omg totally worth the wait!!! Did you see this @VinMcCarthy :D
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