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We're always told what we need to do in order to stay healthy - go exercise, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, take supplements, don't smoke, and go easy on the alcohol.

However, 116-year-old Susannah Mushatt Jones, the oldest person in the world, cites something completely different as the reason for her long life - eating bacon every day.

According to an interview with Susannah published in the New York Post, she enjoys a standard breakfast of eggs, bacon, and grits every morning, and then continues to eat more bacon throughout the day.

"I never drink or smoke. But I love bacon, I eat it everyday."

A nursing aide at the Brooklyn facility where Susannah lives confirmed that she pretty much eats bacon "all day long" - which probably falls in line with 90% of Americans' ideal plans after retirement.
She's not the first centenarian that had an affinity for bacon. Pearl Cantrell, who died at 105 in 2013, was so famous for her love of bacon that Oscar Meyer had the Wienermobile deliver fresh bacon to her personally!

So don't forget to eat your bacon, kids!

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I'll be sure to eat as much bacon as I can
If they say 'you are what you eat'...but @carolinian87 you're going to eat what you are... is this going to change the world as we know it? Quantum physics?! Lol. :-)
My last name is Bacon, I should start eating it everyday:)
@nicolejb @jokes I almost want to find this 116 year old lady and just join her in eating bacon. We could have tea parties but without tea and more bacon.
Hahaha YES I want to eat all the bacon now. A longer and a happier life... right?
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