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The kelp forests are one of the most beautiful views of planet Earth. Sub-aquatic forests of dense seaweed long, incredibly, are not difficult to confuse with a pine forest if we have a little imagination. The Submerged Forest of Patagonia is located 30 meters deep in the lake bed Traful (Patagonia Argentina). During an earthquake in 1960, there is the collapse of a wooded slope that ended submerged in the lake bottom with trees up to 30 feet high who standing remain incredibly. Since then, the place is a favorite for diving and underwater travel the strange landscape. Source:
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i know right?? ah-ma-zing!!!
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You want to go swimming @cheerfulcallie MoonMinYeon ? Let's go gals!
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uhh, with the fishes....umm, nah i pass...lolz...
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Oh, come on. It will be fine. I'm sure there's nothing dangerous in there.
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