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Vinglers, this is MESSED UP.

You all probably remember these scenes. They made you cry. They made you cringe. And most importantly, they disturbed you to the center of your being. The important question now is: which one disturbed you the *most*? Here are your options:

#1: Ant-Man & The Wasp's Marriage

Remember that time Hank Pym slapped his wife in the face? How about the time he shrunk her and then sent a bunch of ants to tear her apart? Because that ish still gives me nightmares.

#2: (Worst) Father of the Year

Fullmetal Alchemist delivered lots of nightmare fuel when it was on, but nothing quite topped the eldritch horror that was the alchemical combination of Nina and her dog.

#3: A Death in the Family

I honestly have no idea what's more disturbing: the fact that we all watched Jason Todd (aka Robin) get beaten to death, the fact that he managed to somehow lose a shoe in the process, or the fact that fans actually chose to kill him off.

I know, it's a lot to handle.

But it's time for some real talk: which moment freaked you out more?
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it really was. i had to blow up all their guns to makebthem stop. lol.
@Krystalstar22 XD are they chill now?
@shannonI5 best buddies. lol. Jason teaches Bucky and JJ things he learned in the league of assassins. haha.
@Krystalstar22 haha that sounds pretty awesome :D
@shannonI5 it totally is.