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I recently made a card ( here ) about my favorite kiss scenes, but now this is just about my favorite kissers ;D

K-drama kisses can be pretty lame, so I really appreciate these two actors *blushes*

Leave your opinion in the comments or make a card with a video of your favorite kiss scene!

Jang Geun Suk

He actually moves like a normal person when he goes in for a kiss. None of that weird freezing in place and then having the camera circle around the couple for 5 minutes while we stare.

Seo In Guk

Ever kiss scene in Reply 1997 is perfect, and a lot of it has to do with Seo In Guk's acting. You can really feel the emotion and passion through the screen! (Also I just love him and I've been watching this gif for about 5 minutes instead of writing this card...)
I wish I could add some lady actresses to my list but to be completely honest I focus more on the actors and kiss scenes tend to focus on the men as well.
If you have any great kissing actresses please add them to the list!!!

Who is your favorite kisser?!

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The kiss between Kim So-yeon and Sung Joon in I Need Romance 3 was by far the best kiss scene I've ever seen in my life! That was grown up kissing not awkward Highschool kisses lol.
jang geu seuk. Lee min ho the main character In kill me heal me and lee jong suk
Seo In Guk~! 😍😍
Lee Seung Gi is the best on-screen kisser to me - in Gu Family Book and in You're All Surrounded. I totally agree with your choice of Seo In Guk too! The best recent kiss I've seen was Lee Don Wook and Jung Ryeo Won in Bubblegum where he steals her gum when they kiss - finally more than just lips pressing together!
So Ji Sub's kisses in Oh My Venus and Park Seo Joon's kisses in She Was Pretty literally slay me every time I see them. They are truly the best omg.