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Love the fall colors, but living in an area where you don’t see them? For just $19.99, will send you a few of your favorite New England leaves.

The leaves are carefully picked from the forest floors of Vermont and New Hampshire. And they are matched so you get all the varieties of colors.

Worried about the fact that these leaves might go bad? Don’t worry they “undergo a unique preservation process” that ensures “your leaves will last for years to come.” According the their website.

So leaf your worries behind...and fulfill that desire to have a little more autumn in your life.

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yeah, this would be a VERY unique gift idea. Fortunately my family all lives in areas with the changing leaves, so it would apply for me @ButterflyBlu @alywoah
This is so cute especially for people far away. Aww!
I feel like people from that area would love to get them if they are homesick @TessStevens. It would be cool if you could just get all the things from home you missed!
this is cool for like someone who desires a fall wedding...
oh yeah, that’s a great idea @jazziejazz! I didn’t even think about the decorative side of this