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I'm Not Really Good At Keeping Up With These Types Of Challenges, But Why Not Try Right?!?! 😁🙈 (I Didn't Include Gifs Cause My Phone Sucks :( Sorry!)
Big Bang Day 1: What Song Made You A Fan? Alright Let Me Explain... Since I Recently Got Sucked Into The Magnificent Wold Of Kpop... I Can Admit This Was The First Song That Automatically Got Me Hooked Into Big Bang!! (That's If You Also Include Zutter lol, I Love That Song Especially When Don Makes An Appearance Haha *Ahh Don, The Piggy*🐖🐷) But Anyways Don't Be Alarmed, I Managed To Get Caught Up With All Their Past Music! >:D Poor @B1A4BTS5Ever Never Saw This Coming !!! -Now That's All That Shows Up In Her Random Shuffle- *Muahahahah* >:D
BTS Day 1: Why You Love BTS? Hmm Do You Really Want To Know... I Mean Do You Really Really Really Want To Know.... Haha Okay Okay, I'll Tell You :D Basically Because Of Dope Hahaha It's Just That Nam Joon's Intro It Just... Idk... Hahaha I Love It!!! "Eoseo Wa Bangtaneun cheoeumiji?" Hahah But That's Not The Only Reason Of Course! I Love All The Members And That Especially Includes My Princess Seok Jin, Who Continues In Being My Ultimate Bias Next To Ji-Yong Of Course!!! :D
Ahh My Babies I Love Them! ....Okay, Okay.... Hopefully I Don't Forget To Post And Keep Up With This Challenge. However, If I Do Fail To Proceed, Please Forgive Me... I Warned You.... Haha I Procrastinate A Lot, My Bad Lol, DON'T JUDGE ME!! 😭😩 D: I'm Sorry Hahaha Okay Okay Ya Goodnight Hahaha! 😁🙈 😴 :D