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And it's about accommodating transgendered people in single-sex spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms at the gym. Planet Fitness has a transgender-friendly locker room policy, and one woman by the name of Yvette Cormier was not having it. She became really upset about seeing a transgendered woman in the women's locker room, so she decided to warn other customers about the transgender-friendly policy.
Planet Fitness then cancelled Cormier's gym membership. She is claiming an invasion of privacy, violations of the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act (irony, maybe?), breach of contract, emotional distress, among other things.
However, Planet Fitness is asking for dismissal for the law suit, call it "woefully deficient" and claiming it promotes discrimination against transgender people. Planet Fitness has stated that ts locker room policy allows members and guests to use facilities that correspond to their self-reported gender identity.
Jeremy Hobson from Here & Now interviewed Cormier's attorney David Kallman on the matter, and this is what he had to say:
“The case is simply about the expectation of privacy that all people have in bathrooms, in locker rooms, and men’s rooms and women’s rooms. And essentially this case involves Planet Fitness, which has an unwritten policy that we believe creates a hostile sexual environment for women and children and it’s essentially putting political correctness above common sense and common decency, so that’s what the case is about. The lawsuit itself involves, like you say, invasion of privacy counts, breach of contract because there was no notification prior to our client signing up that this was their policy, and various violations under our state’s civil rights law.”
What do you think about this case? Does Cormier have a solid argument? Is Planet Fitness' "Judgement Free Zone" slogan taking things a little too far?

I'm interested in hearing all sides of this!

hahahaha @ChosenKnight you are sassy and I love it! you can never accommodate everyone, and I think this lady has to suck it up or pick another gym. it’s not what she’s doing.
yeah they should get a sign that says something like "if you're a bigot,you are not welcome here".how is it that transgendered people having their own locker room is so bothersome for her.
Look at that picture, what does that say?
seriously though, they are accommodating and accepting of transgender people (which I think is awesome), but this lady says she’s not accommodated to her beliefs... so honestly you can't please everyone. and I think you’re right, Planet Fitness shouldn’t have to! @ChosenKnight
I do think this is a policy they should make very clear when people sign up. If they have a problem with it, they can go to another gym. Frankly, policies like this *should* be the default, because unlike the claims made by the attorney that you mentioned above, nothing about the presence of a trans person makes a space more hostile or indecent. Trans people aren't aberrant or dangerous- treating them like they are consistently puts *trans people* in danger, not the other way around. That being said, she might have a case. Transphobia aside, if the gym's policies were not clear and they cancelled her membership, she could make a case for breach of contract. But emotional distress? That's not something the gym willfully caused- this lady was distressed because of her own internalized prejudices. Invasion of privacy- she was posting information about the gym's policies all over the internet so I'm not sure what privacy she thinks the gym violated.
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