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It's time for another KPOP FOMO FRIDAY where I wrap up some of this week's most popular cards just in case you missed any ;D
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Ultimate Bias Week

This week @B1A4BTS5EVER wants to wreck us by filling Vingle with cards devoted to your ultimate bias. Check out their card >here< and make your own UB card to celebrate this week!

Heechul Scandal

It seems like @ChelseaJay uncovered Heechul's secret love child...and he's a member of SEVENTEEN! Check their card >here< to see who it is :D

Jimin Has Jams

Do you need more reasons to love Jimin? Well @myabeard04 has got you covered with their card >here< that tells you exactly why everyone needs to love this adorable squish.

Warning: TOP Spam!

Pretty soon @JohnEvans and @Exoexo will be bringing us lots of TOP...if you want in on it be sure to check out the card >here< and ask John to tag you!

VIXX DVD Giveaway!!!

There was a VIXX giveaway on the Vingle Instagram so you should follow it asap to not miss out on another one. Check out the info >here<

Where Would You Be Without Kpop?

This week @yessiex3 asked an awesome question: Where would you be without Kpop? Answer it and see other Vinglers' answers >here<

Visiting Seoul!

Guess who is in Seoul right now!? It's @KatelynSummerso!!! Follow her adventures >here< and check out what Korea is really like :D

SEVENTEEN Bias Struggles

Have you been able to pick a bias in Seventeen? Well, you might just be the only one! Come check out the convo >here< and see how no one on Vingle can pick just one bias from this group.

Thursday Kpop Trivia


1. D Her solo is "I"
2. C P.O was inspired by to become a rapper!
3. B They're coming back November 15!
4. B GOT7 is on JYP!
5. Seventeen has 13 members!


So close!

*whispers* JYP
@chelseajay I picked it cause it had so many people talking on it :D
Yay I win XD
YES! Finally got them all right even the one I wasn't sure of! I feel so accomplished.
What?! P.O was inspired by Zico? Well I'll be damned.
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