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Sorry guys! I was swamped with lots of work last week and couldn't get on Vingle too much but I'm back! It's still the first week of October, so I'll update this collection just in time for Halloween.
So today's hair tutorial is a modern version of Tinkerbell's bun.
Tinkerbell's hair is beautiful but the ballerina bun can get an edgy update with a fishtail wrap (introduced by Snippet and Ink. Styling option can be altered to your preference. If you can't fishtail braid you can try a simple 3-strand.
1. Create two ponytails (closer to your forehead). One should be thicker than the other. (You'll see what later).
2. Once you got the two fishtails braided, lay the thicker braid across the front of your hair and pin it to place as you go. Don't forget to hide the elastic under the braid.
3. Repeat the process with the second braid.
4. Make sure your bun is secure but still giving off the loose look.
5. Grab a holding spray to seal the style.
That's it!
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did something similar to this yesterday...