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Yes! This is random! And they both have guns lol (this totally makes no sense but it's funny.. Nite nite xoxo) btw that is Jimmy Carry the mask, acting up as usual lol
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@shannonl5 lol technically neither can the mask. I mean he did get shot several times and then made a joke about it. To be honest I dont see these two fighting they would gang up on their enemies. And if they DID ever fight they'd go at til they got bored. Or.... until dead pool decided to remove the mask from the person wearing it.
well the mask has the powers of a god though, and deadpool is...well deadpool, both of them have the magic satchel power too and the fourth wall break. all in all, they were built pretty similar
DEADPOOL! ! Always deadpool!
This one is tough, because The Mask does have you strong and ridiculous lol just like Deadpool daily. Lol 😁
@AshelyJewell lol you're right they'd probably just end up teaming up and blowing up the universe XD