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Make a card about the drama and the role you'd want and tag me in it :D

Reply 1997 - Shiwon!

I'd want to be Eunji's character :3
I know that I talk about this drama all the time but I really love it and its so simple. I wouldn't have to worry about some crazy family drama or magic powers or time travel - I could just fall in love and live my life happily with some really awesome friends.
I could also still totally lead the fan girl life.

Plus there is this........

Which drama would you want to be in and what role would you want to play!? Get creative!

Make a card and tag me in it or leave your answer in the comments :D
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I mean be In a drama with astro
Exo next door - Ji Yeonhee
Does any one know what these three dramas are called?
Please if you do message me
I love this drama!!!! I laugh and cry! I was so sad when it was over. It was like my world just ended.