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I was first a Kpop fan before I saw Boys Over Flowers and fell down the rabbit hole that is Kdramas.

Seeing idols in Kdramas is one of my favorite things because it is like my two loves meeting. These four examples are some of my favorite idol/kdrama scenes that you should really check out!

Let me know what you think or who I'm missing^^~

Hakyeon in Hotel King

This whole role was ridiculous (he even dressed up as Orange Caramel but the video isn't online anymore!) and he gets beat up by his boss a lot. He didn't really get to act well since his role was comedic so I hope he gets more serious roles in the future! @NatMarie @Atomshair @StephanieDuong @kelseyblair @AnnahiZaragoza @KAddict @katekendrii @Baekyeol27 @dbskale @inumi @AgentLeo @XergaB20 @DeeNice

Myungsoo in Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Originally I thought Myungsoo would try to play the cool rocker dude in Shut Up Flower Boy Band, but he ended up being a nervous adorable softy who can't handle having a crush on a girl. This is hands down my favorite scene with him ever! @SharayahTodd @Mellahni @tayyylorx @sherrysahar

Hongki in You're Beautiful

I couldn't pick a scene I liked most for Hongki in this drama because I love him in every single scene! He did such an awesome job as Jeremy in this drama and this is honestly the reason why I love FT Island! @ghxul @KellyOConnor @VixenViVi

Kyungsoo in I Remember You

Kyungsoo was so unbelievably creepy in this drama and I couldn't get enough of it. Seriously, all EXO fans need to watch at least the first 4 episodes of this drama because Kyungsoo is stunning in it. He's so great *sobs* @JessicaChaney @Lesliesoo @NeriJoyYehet @qu1nnsan1ty @EmilyGardner @kpoplover1995

Make your own card with your favorite idols-turn-actors or leave your choices in the comments!

HongKi!!! Loved Jeremy so clueless and when he cried in that scene on the bus?? Heartbreak and ugly crying! I can't stand to see him in pain even imaginary pain. OMG Kyungsoo was AMAZING!! He made that drama sooo much creepier. Taecyeon has good dramas too! Hongki's Bride of the Century showed a more serious side of him which I loved. So many good idol actors!
awwwwww I loveeee Jeremy in your beautiful!!!!!!^^^^ and his dog Angelina Jolie!^^πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ but I cried so freaking much when he was rejected in the bus scene 😒😒😒😩😳! and I loved him even more in bride of the century!!!!! but overall there are many good korean actors!!!!!!!! love em😍
I Remember You was sooooo amazing. I cried so many times for all the pain they had to go through. Wished the ending was different but it was still good. D.O was absolutely outstanding as his insane psychopath character. It made you feel kinda sorry for him at some parts. N hyung! He's such a cutie! I can't wait to start Cheer Up! because I heard that there were so so so many feels in the first few episodes. Boarding House No 24 is hilarious and it has all idols, like Vixx's Ken. All the others mentioned are on my list to watch so I'm pretty excited.
Lee Joon in Gap Dong he was so creepy in it and I loved it! He is actually what got me into KPop because I found out he was in MBLAQ then the rest is history...
I love seeing idols on dramas
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